Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Evan Bartholomew - Secret Entries Into Darkness

Label: Somnia
Released: 2008
Style: Minimal, Ambient

"evan bartholomew brings another example of sonic storytelling to somnia, moving from atmospheric float into pulsing minimal electroid rhythms.fractaline analog grooves and micro beat construction establish a hypnotic base for a composed layer of ambient exploration to unfold. presenting a balance of analog moduler synth elements and complex dsp processing, 'secret entries into darkness' further's somnia's approach to cinematic modern music." - Label


1 Secret Entries Into Darkness (9:53)
2 Cracks In The Fabric Of The Known (6:32)
3 Soft Spots In The Tyranny Of Matter (11:10)
4 Where Forgotten Days Slumber (9:11)
5 And Ancient Hurts Dwell (8:34)
6 Light Reflecting Black In Shadow (6:54)
7 Freedom Found In Surrender (3:23)


Fabio Orsi - The Wild Light Of The Moon

Label: Sentient Recognition Archive
Released: 2008
Style: Ambient, Drone

"Fabio Orsi is a name that every spacey-drone lover should recognize. He stands out as one who is truly able to capture an environment. His soft, light, airy textures remind me of the way I feel staring at a Mark Rothko painting. There are no clearly defined boundaries but rather all edges are fuzzy and limitless. Everything melts and drifts with a fluid quality. True ambience that brings one’s afflicted self to perfect relaxation and calm. Even though this one track is a whopping 35 minutes, it barely seems long enough. Around the 10 minute mark things get interesting with some reverbs that climb into your ear and speak to your soul, not wrestling you out of your restful state, but rather declaring authenticity. The field recording of birds evens out the slow-moving noise. Then everything relaxes again into a calming tone. Like floating through the galaxy. Pure, simple tones keep you in that euphoric state as the track comes to a too-soon conclusion. I could listen to this going to bed, relaxing after a day at work, or just taking breaks from my day driving between errands. After a full-listen, this epic demands respect. Reserve a space on your shelf." - Foxy Digitalis


1 The Wild Light Of The Moon (35:12)


Monday, January 26, 2009

Snd - Tenderlove

Label: Mille Plateaux
Released: 2002
Style: Abstract, IDM, Minimal

"Now with Tender Love, SND move in a far more melodic context than ever before. The results are striking but all the same familiar. The sensibilities of funk find it's way into syncopated rhythms, breakbeats and jittered doses of r'n'b percussives mingle with a unique assortment of tones and ambience. Could this be taken as new sources of lounge music in 21st Century living? You be the judge, with Tender Love SND reach a new level of pushing the notions of contemporary listening." - Label


1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 8
8 9
9 10
10 11
11 12
12 13
13 14
14 16
15 17

(Note: My upload is technically tagged wrong)


Friday, January 9, 2009

Ulf Lohmann - Because Before

Label: Kompakt
Released: 2001
Style: Minimal, Ambient

"Excepting the mostly dancefloor-friendly Total 3 compilation, 2001 witnessed Cologne's Kompakt label blitzing the bins with a number of ambient releases. The ball began to roll with Pop Ambient 2001, a compilation that introduced Markus Guentner and Ulf Lohmann to those who hadn't kept up with the label's spate of 12" releases. Later in the year, full-lengths from both producers hit the racks, maintaining Kompakt's rock-solid reputation and further plugging pigeonholes along the way. Lohmann's Because Before is a CD-only combination of two EPs released earlier in the year, and it shows that if there's any one producer who most exemplifies Kompakt's self-coined pop ambient pseudo-style, it's Lohmann. These 11 untitled tracks average in four minutes of length, often boasting radiant washes of swoon-worthy laptop ambient. After several plays, one realizes that the disc plays out like a pop record; three or four tracks stick out more than the remainder, much like the way radio-friendly singles can be more easily flagged on such a thing. And the disc isn't short of the equivalent of album tracks either. In particular, the closing track could be the best thing here without being among the catchiest. Truly stultifying in its sadness, its sullen synth tones and equally mournful atmospheric swabs convey the type of feeling that only comes with dealing with a crippling loss." - Allmusic


1 Untitled (5:48)
2 Untitled (4:16)
3 Untitled (4:31)
4 Untitled (4:28)
5 Untitled (3:11)
6 Untitled (2:10)
7 Untitled (3:25)
8 Untitled (5:14)
9 Untitled (3:25)
10 Untitled (1:40)
11 Untitled (4:29)


Evan Marc + Steve Hillage - Dreamtime Submersible

Label: Somnia
Released: 2008
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

"diving deep with hypnotic rhythms, sub-aquatic bass pulsations and reverberant melodies, evan marc explores varying states of non-waking life on this full-length outing. his sensitive approach to sound design is woven perfectly with atmospheric guitar tones supplied by system7's steve hillage, crafting a unique and cinematic take on the dub techno paradigm." - Label


1 Intention Craft (10:56)
2 Hypnagogue (8:49)
3 Alpha Phase (9:34)
4 Theta Phase (8:48)
5 Delta Phase (8:04)
6 Hypnopomp (10:04)
7 Resurface (10:43)


Samiyam - Return EP

Label: Hyperdub
Released: 2008
Style: Instrumental Hip Hop

"Hiphop pressure beats this week from Hyperdub's first US signing and Flying Lotus collaborator Samiyam. With only a small handful of releases to his name for everyone from Fat City recs to Ninja Tune the styles sit very closely to his production brother Flylo with a superbly squashed selection of downtempo hiphop all carrying that distinctive synthline sound and post-bump rhythms drawing from the legacy of Dilla mixed with the recent 8-bit sounds displayed on Hyperdub from Quarta 330, Darkstar, Rustie and the rest. Samiyam obviously shares Flylo's knack for unravelled slo-beats on 'Cheesecake backslap', but it's the first three cuts, and especially 'trick platform' that place Samiyam out on his own with a deftly melancholy melodic touch that will beg many repeated listens. Yet again, another reason to keep a very close eye on the ever evolving Hyperdub imprint, and a wonky killer."


1 Return
2 Trick Platform
3 Moon Shoes
4 Cheesecake Backslap


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