Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri

Label: Blast First
Released: 2001
Style: Abstract, Minimal, Ambient

"Probably my favourite of all the Pan Sonic albums, this showed a slight departure from their previous efforts. Instead of focussing mainly on distorted technoid beats and extreme sounds, Altopiiri interspersed the hypnotic analogue techno mainstays with gorgeous atmospheric compositions reflecting influences from early electronic composers such as Pierre Schaeffer and Todd Dockstader. These tracks were all made without overdubs - live recordings pitched by Vaino and Väisänen in the studio and improvised as they went on. Listening through the tracks it is hard to hear how they managed such an accomplished finish by working in this way. Many artists never reach the heady peaks of tracks like 'Ensi' or 'Toisaalta' in a lifetime of output, and Pan Sonic manage it in one take. An incredible achievement in electronic music and an essential slice of history, this is an album you need in your collection, minimal or otherwise." - Boomkat


1 Ensi (0:38)
2 Vaihtovirta (6:38)
3 Toisaalta (0:31)
4 Johdin (5:46)
5 Kuu (1:26)
6 Ããnipãã (3:49)
7 Arvio (1:24)
8 Liuos (6:16)
9 Ulottuvuus (5:58)
10 Hallapyydys (4:42)
11 Reuna-alue (9:30)
12 Valli (6:19)
13 Kone (4:20)
14 Johto 3 (3:48)
15 Murskaus (1:37)
16 Rasite (0:51)
17 Kierto (6:11)

Walter Wegmüller - Tarot

Label: Kosmische Kuriere
Released: 1973
Style: Krautrock, Prog Rock

"This massive double album is cosmic Krautrock at its finest hour, as visionary Walter Wegmuller leads a tour through the entire major arcane of the Tarot deck while the Cosmic Couriers -- basically Ash Ra Tempel, Wallenstein, and whoever else producer Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser could rope in -- create a remarkable soundtrack encompassing space rock, folk music, funk, psychedelia, and electronic music. Wegmuller's album followed in the footsteps of Timothy Leary's Seven Up, Ash Ra Tempel, and Sergius Golowin's Lord Krishna von Goloka, backed by Wallenstein, the duo Westripp-Witthuser, and keyboardist Klaus Schulze. Tarot, with almost all these musicians on the roster, is the culmination, a bizarre roller coaster ride through sonic soundscapes, while Wegmuller intones in his deep voice, sometimes augmented by more effects, though he often remains silent for long instrumental stretches. From the opening track, a funky number with blazing guitar and rolling piano over which a circus-barker voice announces the band with grand élan, to the side four track's nonstop blast into hallucinogenic after-burn, this one is a monster all the way. Shimmering Ash Ra Tempel guitar freakouts blend with Wallenstein's more rollicking psych rock, Schulze's deep space keyboards, and Westripp's cosmic folk to create strange blitzes of electronic weirdness. This album provide an incredible pallet of styles that all seem to gel in a cohesive mass of pure mystical wonder." - Allmusic


1-01 Der Narr (3:55)
1-02 Der Magier (4:39)
1-03 Die Hohepriesterin (4:17)
1-04 Die Herrscherin (4:16)
1-05 Der Herrscher (2:58)
1-06 Der Hohepriester (3:10)
1-07 Die Entscheidung (3:52)
1-08 Der Wagen (5:16)
1-09 Die Gerechtigkeit (3:02)
1-10 Der Weise (4:02)
1-11 Das Glücksrad (3:37)
1-12 Die Kraft (3:28)

2-01 Die Prüfung (4:57)
2-02 Der Tod (1:20)
2-03 Die Mässigkeit (4:47)
2-04 Der Teufel (3:38)
2-05 Die Zerstörung (4:01)
2-06 Die Sterne (6:15)
2-07 Der Mond (2:50)
2-08 Die Sonne (3:03)
2-09 Das Gericht (2:06)
2-10 Die Welt (8:41)
Disc 2

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