Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tom Opdahl - Black Smoker

Label: Biophon Records
Released: 2001
Style: Techno, Ambient

"Only the second release so far on Biosphere's Biophon label. Tom Opdahl of Bergen - a picturesque town nestled among seven hills on the west coast of Norway, where it always, always rains - is a hitherto unheard name among the plethora of excellent ambient and electronica coming out of that country. But his debut 'Black Smoker' should place him firmly on the map.

To call this music "chilly" would be to fall prey to the cliche about "Arctic ambient". It does however somehow jibe aesthetically with that sound which seems so specific to Norwegian ambient - that low, low pulse that seems almost endemic to the music, the predilection for monochrome tones.

There are unabashedly "Biospherean" moments on 'Black Smoker', but ultimately the work as a whole does not come off as the product of an epigone. Opdahl's compositions are as wonderfully gloomy as the artwork adorning the slipcover, proffering a sense of turning a grand, wild landscape into something claustrophobic, shrouded in mystic mist." -


1 Anthropomorphism (7:04)
2 Epispedural Soup (4:31)
3 Pinepulse (2:55)
4 Hybrid (5:38)
5 Black Smoker (4:04)
6 Mellow Limbo (1:56)
7 Skog (2:18)
8 Naut-O-Pilot (4:50)
9 Lake Vostok (3:15)
10 Pinepulse (Part 2) (1:41)
11 Sundrop (4:48)
12 Mental Xchange (0:57)
13 Dark Little Something (4:28)
14 Pecudesque Locutae (2:44)

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