Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Label: Miasmah
Released: 2010
Style: Experimental, Neofolk

"For his Miasmah debut, FNS treats us to a spectacular excursion into the world of psych-folk instrumentals, with a collection of semi-improvised multi-layered pieces, primarily for acoustic and electric guitar and voice. These lo-fi home recordings capture a sense of astral travel, though explorations into drone, raga-styled melodies and layers of guitar feedback. The immediate allure of FNS’s spectral sound is in the understated nature of the performances – it recalls the magnetic interplay between Tom & Christina Carter’s work in Charalambides, the playful free noise of Sunburned Hand Of The Man, the ethereal blues of Loren Connors, and a variety of subtle but undeniable influences from the 70’s progressive UK folk scene.

FNS’s sound is a sorrowful sound – a death-fuzz, a hazy wailing wall of cavernous guitars, doom-freakout and swirling psychedelia, melded into one then drowned in echo and haze. FNS fires forth cosmic transmissions for the mind and spirit…the result, is nothing short of an aural treat. " - Label


1 Silence To Say Hello (9:51)
2 Sappélur (4:06)
3 Wooden Leg (9:01)
4 I Think She's Asleep (5:03)
5 Dream (5:37)
6 Flaggermusvingers Vift I Dimmet (11:50)

Asher - Landscape Studies

Label: Room40
Released: 2009
Style: Experimental, Ambient

"A stunning set of micro-acoustic experiments from Asher Thal-Nir, an artist perhaps most notable for his recent release on the and/OAR label and a 2005 release for the 12k offshoot, term. This album sets out to capture the particular characteristics of rooms and spaces - something prompted by Asher's attempt to capture the kind of subtle, incidental noises that would invade the quiet of his home studio. This embracing of minor, ephemeral acoustic events is nothing new in experimental music, but when the end product is as understatedly evocative and as exquisitely poised as the music on this release, it all seems very much worthwhile. The album is underscored by a gauzy, wave-like motion, barely suggestive of chord sequences, but the real focus here is on the more fundamental timbral qualities of Asher's abstract and suggestive sound designs. Superb." - Boomkat


1 1 (6:34)
2 1.1 (6:14)
3 11 (6:53)
4 1.2 (6:44)
5 13 (6:17)
6 14 (6:49)

The Advisory Circle - Other Channels

Label: Ghost Box
Released: 2008
Style: Experimental, Electronic, Library Music

"The Advisory Circle bring us more timely advice on issues such as domestic isolation, tranquilliser addiction and the nuclear threat. Sumptuous booklet art by Julian House and beautifully evocative liner notes by Ken Hollings complement what we feel to be the strongest Ghost Box release so far.

Light synthesizer melodies and moments of surreal humour float in a drift of pastoral melancholia and fuzzy music concrete. Fragments of public information broadcasting are filtered through the distorting lens of prescription tranquillisers. Malicious gossip becomes jumbled and confused with continuity announcements." - Label


1 Callsign 'A' - The TV Trap (0:18)
2 Civil Defence Is Common Sense (2:53)
3 Mogadon Coffee Morning (2:57)
4 Sundial (3:28)
5 Swinscoe Episode 1 - 'Enter Swinscoe' (1:58)
6 Celebrate Michaelmas NOW! (2:41)
7 Fire, Damp & Air (3:45)
8 Frozen Ponds PIF (0:52)
9 Erosion Of Time (3:32)
10 A Clear Yarn Warning (1:14)
11 Keep Warm, Keep Well (2:48)
12 Eyes Which Are Swelling (2:18)
13 Hocusing For Beginners (3:50)
14 The Coastguard (2:43)
15 Swinscoe Episode 2 - 'Release The Birds' (1:45)
16 Farmland, Freeland (3:40)
17 Everyday Electronics (3:20)
18 The Old Schoolhouse (2:37)
19 Callsign 'B' - Freeland Logotone (0:08)

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