Monday, June 25, 2012

Color That say Lingerie Mean

Appearance is often the number one problem for a woman, including color of lingerie matter. Surveys show that nearly 79 percent of women buy lingerie with confidence-building reasons, beautification, and a key strength when seducing her partner. Lingerie is a women accessories, this is some small mean little color of lingerie.

However, most women do not realize that the colors they wear lingerie can say many things, ranging from relationships, love and personality.


The black lingerie color will make you look sexy, powerful, and ambitious. This symbolizes the masculine color of your tendency to be a leader while in a relationship. This is type of woman who is good at keeping his emotions.


you will look beautiful in front of the couple with this color. White lingeries symbolizes confidence, tenderness, and seriousness. The symbol of the sanctity of this leads to feelings of caring and love to their partners and more. The white color will make you naive and innocent when in bed.


Romantics, emotional tenderness, and loving. Users blue lingerie is a woman who likes a crowd. They are very smart and serious while enjoying an intimate relationship with his partner.


Not just a tease, red as this color of lingerie will make a woman look energetic and passionate. When having sex, they will be more dominant than the other master bed.

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