Thursday, December 17, 2009

Steven R. Smith - The Anchorite

Label: Root Strata
Released: 2008
Style: Psychedelic Rock, Avantgarde

"Root Strata is proud to present the reissue of The Anchorite, a dazzling jewel in Smith's substantial discography. Performed live to two track with the aid of tape loops and prerecorded takes, the music maintains a drifting, painterly quality that easily evokes the American west as much as the European east which Smith so lovingly mines for his Hala Strana recordings. Sepia toned and tinged with a luminous distortion, The Anchorite, as the name suggests, is reserved, pulled back and solemn, some kind of hermetic prayer for the end of the world. " - Label


1 Stars Heaped Up Like Grain (3:52)
2 Procession (3:22)
3 Paths In The Bower (3:34)
4 The Anchorite (2:41)
5 Vine (4:35)
6 Ampulla (2:50)
7 Moss Landing (3:13)
8 Anastasis (4:02)
9 Closing (3:40)
10 Ascension (5:52)

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