Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amon Tobin - Bricolage

Label: Ninja Tune
Released: 1997
Style: Leftfield, Abstract, Jazz Fusion, Jungle

"Amon Tobin's jazz-jungle fusions as Cujo (for upstart label Ninebar) earned him many props, but that began to change with his debut for Ninja Tune. Blurring the already vague line that separates jungle's rhythmic meditations from those of the hottest jazz (Elvin Jones, say, or Jacko Pastorius, Bricolage manages a difficult hybrid of heart, soul, atmosphere, and brain-bending plunderphonics that loses neither perspective nor direction over the course of the albums. Like his preceding EPs Creatures and Chomp Samba (from which a few of Bricolage's cuts derive), the album mixes fast and slow but maintains a solid focus on innovation without sacrificing a sense of purpose. Somehow, Bricolage manages to be both consistent and consistently engaging, a feat few drum'n'bass LPs seem able to manage." - allmusic


1 Stoney Street (5:53)
2 Easy Muffin (5:02)
3 Yasawas (5:24)
4 Creatures (5:21)
5 Chomp Samba (6:07)
6 The New York Editor (4:56)
7 Defocus (5:10)
8 The Nasty (4:35)
9 Bitter & Twisted (5:05)
10 Wires & Snakes (5:27)
11 One Day In My Garden (5:43)
12 Dream Sequence (7:19)
13 One Small Step (6:11)
14 Mission (7:08)


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