Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Philip Jeck - 7

Label: Touch
Released: 2003
Style: Noise, Ambient, Experimental

"Philip Jeck is not your typical turntablist. Like his sometime collaborators Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide, and Martin Tétreault, Jeck attends not to beats, breaks, and scratching but rather to the massing of sound, looping and layering scratchy old vinyl until it settles into a kind of rich humus of hiss - fertile soil for the flowering of unexpected melodic shoots. Using vintage Dansette players, a rudimentary Casio sampler, and effects, Jeck isolates tiny fragments of songs - often slowed down to 16 RPM, they're rendered utterly unidentifiable - and assembles them into dense, shifting structures as inviting as Op Art's moiré patterns. His seventh (not including numerous collaborations) solo LP, 7 - like all of Jeck's work - is nominally ambient, in that it opens up sprawling, immersive worlds best explored blindfolded. Individual moments blur and dissipate, and you're left with the sense of having inhabited a vast, harmonic field where all possibilities co-exist at once." - Earplug


1 Wholesome (8:21)
2 Museum (6:52)
3 Wipe (4:11)
4 Bush Hum (4:19)
5 Now You Can Let Go (9:01)
6 Some Pennies (6:27)
7 Veil (10:04)


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