Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tim Hecker - Mirages

Label: Alien8 Recordings
Released: 2004
Style: Experimental, Ambient

"Tim Hecker’s latest full-length, Mirages, is a lesson of darkness, a midnight whisper revealing its true essence to the listener: an ambient-death-metal classic in waiting.

We hope you find, as we do, Mirages further erodes the vapid predispositions of electronic music, uncovering a terrain where dissonance and melody coincide in a near-bohemian unison. Hecker has certainly developed a unique approach to music in an increasingly overcrowded and generic field. This is a challenging work which reconciles a highly experimental approach to songcraft that is at once beautiful and unnerving. As Mr. Hecker explains: “Mirages is the sound of the ruby-horned deer sharing sweet lies in the night.”' - Label


1 Acéphale (4:57)
2 Neither More Nor Less (3:10)
3 Aerial Silver (3:37)
4 Celestina (4:31)
5 Counter Attack (2:13)
6 The Truth Of Accountants (2:21)
7 Aerial Light-Pollution Orange (3:09)
8 Non Mollare (1:10)
9 Kaito (3:08)
10 Balkanize-You (8:37)
11 Incurably Optimistic! (10:40)


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