Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Tuss - Rushup Edge

Label: Rephlex
Released: 2007
Style: IDM, Techno, Acid

"Now that the dust has settled on the message board debates and the fake MySpaces, this has all but been confirmed as the new Aphex Twin material fans thought they would have to wait years for after the Analord series. Stylistically, it remains close to the Analords, but pushes the aggression and the programming to a more complex level, much moreso resembling Analord 10 than 1. But amazingly, after 40+ tracks of Acid released over the course of 2006 in the Analord series, Rushup Edge still sounds fairly fresh and in no way a retread. A real feat for Richard, or whoever’s doing his best to resemble him on this record." - The Music Lobby


1 Synthacon 9 (6:21)
2 Last Rushup 10 (6:35)
3 Shiz Ko E (3:08)
4 Rushup I Bank 12 (4:40)
5 Death Fuck (6:38)
6 Goodbye Rute (5:21)


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