Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Port-Royal - Afraid To Dance

Label: Resonant
Released: 2007
Style: Post Rock, Shoegazer, Ethereal, Ambient

"For those unfamiliar with their debut, port-royal are anything but just another generic epic instrumental outfit; utilising subtle electronics and almost classical arrangements, they create lengthy, expansive, melancholic compositions that often have movements within the individual tracks, constantly evolving and shifting in tempo.

Though "Afraid To Dance" follows the formula that made "Flares" such a success, it also displays sufficient progression to be more than just "Flares pt2"; though the same components are evident, the emphasis has shifted towards the electronic beats and pure rhythm that underpin their sound, bringing them to the forefront while the hypnotic spacerock guitars and synth gently weave melodies beneath." - Label


1 Bahnhof Zoo (4:51)
2 Pauline Bokour (2:07)
3 Anya: Sehnsucht (8:50)
4 German Bigflies (5:21)
5 Deca-Dance (9:10)
6 Roliga Timmen (Longing Machines) (4:35)
7 Internet Love (4:41)
8 Leitmotiv/Glasnost (8:56)
9 Putin Vs Valery (7:11)
10 Attorney Very Bad (aka The Worst) (4:32)


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