Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm Not A Gun - Everything At Once

Label: City Centre Offices
Released: 2003
Style: Dowtempo, Future Jazz

"John Tejada requires very little introduction. With releases under his belt for Playhouse, Plug Research, Seventh City, Defocus, Palette and numerous other labels, Mr Tejada has gained notoriety and respect in fields as diverse as Detroit Techno, IDM, House and acoustic experimentation. For his latest project 'I'm not a gun', John has teamed up with his good friend Takeshi Nishimoto - a gifted multi instrumentalist who has created a brand new post-rock slant for the always diverse John Tejada. 'I'm not a gun' features Tejada on drums, guitar and electronics, while Nishimoto adds the licks on blissful guitar and bass reverberations. With airy gestures and a sunny state of mind, they jam themselves into textures which have learned their lesson from the best records of the Chicago acoustic school: jazzrock does not have to be a pretentious monster, but can sing a poem of colloquial communication. As soon as structure wins over the solo, dialogue over technical skills and the lightness of swing over the pathos of improvisation, a new dreamlike soundscape is opened. In a cheerful dizzyness these instrumentals seem to plan themselves, accepting no control from the outside world. Tejada and Nishimoto are just following that stream. ‘Everything at Once“ is music of the inner ear, floating sessions full of lush instrumentation and a reflective yet uplifting formation of texture and melody. You get the feeling listening to this gorgeous album that, while recording each and every track on board, work had nothing to do with effort, the artists creating a new kind of folk music which glides into your soul coated with a sense of bliss. This is the first release this year for CCO, plenty more to follow, but what a starting point! Highly recommended." - Boomkat

1 Jet Stream (4:50)
2 Frequent Syndrome (4:48)
3 These Thoughts Break (5:00)
4 Long Division (4:46)
5 Monovision (4:24)
6 Make Sense And Loose (4:33)
7 Search For Sleep (4:59)
8 Drunken Anecdotes (5:12)
9 Dazed In The Moment (4:34)
10 Vacant Sky (3:33)
11 Flash Bang Imagery (4:48)


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