Thursday, February 28, 2008

Victor Bermon - Arriving At Night

Label: Hefty Records
Released: 2007
Style: Instrumental, Future Jazz, Downtempo

"Wonderfully dreamy and hypnotic progressive instrumental music. There are a lot of folks creating this sort of music lately, but very few who are as clearly focused and talented as Victor Bermon. Although some of his tracks have popped up in various places during the past couple of years, Arriving at Night is Bermon's debut album. These thirteen compositions are a pure delight...incorporating many of the best ideas behind ambient, trance, and modern progressive pop. The overall tone of the album is calm and hypnotic...and many of the tunes have a very inviting warm organic sound. Not a lot more needs to be said here...but we should mention that this is one of those CDs that gets better the more you spin it. Smoothly seductive cuts include "Farewell Lunch for Laura," "Unprepared," "On the Way Back," and "On This Night." Great stuff." - Babysue


1 Farewell Lunch For Laura (3:48)
2 We Face Each Other (3:57)
3 Photographs Are Not Memories (3:52)
4 Unprepared (6:14)
5 View Of The Islands (3:24)
6 First Encounters (3:16)
7 Portrait (2:05)
8 Famous Discussion (3:29)
9 Theatre Of Signs (4:08)
10 On The Way Back (2:49)
11 Stacked Notebooks (3:12)
12 Prospect Park (4:03)
13 On This Night (3:38)


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