Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BJNilsen - The Short Night

Label: Touch
Released: 2007
Style: Field Recording, Abstract, Experimental, Ambient

A follower to 2005's Fade to White [Touch # TO:65], BJNilsen develops his work further, based on field recordings and electronics. This time he adds harsher yet clearer harmonies with musical elements to the compositions, creating a beautifully complex and detailed study. Recorded in 2006-7 with mostly analogue equipment, using up to 50 year-old tapemachines, filters and generators that end up being the soft cushion in these cold location recordings.


Front (14:24)
2 Finisterre (9:35)
3 Pole Of Inaccessibility (6:33)
4 Viking, Cromarty… (0:06)
5 Black Light (4:16)
6 Icing Station (2:16)
7 Viking North (10:53)


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