Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Aleksi Perälä - Project V

Label: Rephlex
Released: 2007
Style: IDM, Electro, Breakbeat

"After a hiatus of what seems like far too many years, Aleksi Perala (better known as Ovuca / Astrobotnia) makes a return to the Rephlex imprint with a brand new body of work under his own name. This is classic Reohlex territory - beautifully produced Aphex variations that lean on the side of warm, padded basslines, emotive melodies and propulsive arrangements that sit somewhere between acid, IDM, electro and classic soundtrack music. Last track "Sunbath" even harks back to the heady days of classic drill'n'bass braindance - something that's produced a good few knowing smiles in the office this afternoon. Good stuff - Rephlex heads take note!" - Boomkat


1 Rocking Chair (2:10)
2 Spacetime (2:34)
3 Path (4:23)
4 Muska (1:52)
5 Purple Rain (9:29)
6 Underwater Carousel (1:35)
7 Autumn Morning (4:14)
8 Dark Energy (4:53)
9 Lagrange Point (3:23)
10 Feast (3:11)
11 Black Leicester (4:27)
12 Sunbath (2:52)


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