Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fennesz - Field Recordings 1995:2002

Label: Touch
Released: 2002
Style: Glitch, Abstract, Experimental

"Fennesz has attracted a large amount of attention of late, largely due to his incredible ‘Venice’ album and collaborations with David Sylvian. ‘Venice’ is one of those records that has quite strangely instilled itself into the popular music world, a ‘weird’ album that mainstream music fans can buy without fear, and that is a great achievement. Fitting then that Touch have re-introduced this collection of classic Fennesz material dating back as far as 1995. There’s a lot on here, with tracks culled from the seminal ‘Instrument EP’ on Mego, soundtrack work and various compilations he has been involved with over the time, then it’s polished off with a number of totally exclusive tracks. Seriously, we’re being spoiled by Touch and of course the disc is packaged as usual totally impeccably and in this case it’s even slightly humourous, with the title ‘Field Recordings’ being mocked slightly by rural farming pictures. The music of course is typically high quality stuff, ranging from the noisier end of Fennesz’s sound on the opening track ‘Good Man’ and the ‘Instrument Ep’ to the melancholic pensive quiete of his Ekkehard Ehlers remix under the Betrieb moniker. A crucial collection for casual Fennesz fans and raving completists alike, ‘Field Recordings’s greatest strength is that it plays like an album rather than a haphazard compilation. On listening to the record at no time did I think the tracks were thrown together or sounded jarring, quite the opposite in fact, it sounds like they were always meant to be heard this way." - Boomkat


1 Fennesz - Good Man (4:05)
2 Fennesz - Instrument 1 (5:27)
3 Fennesz - Instrument 2 (6:05)
4 Fennesz - Instrument 3 (5:16)
5 Fennesz - Instrument 4 (5:05)
6 Ekkehard Ehlers - Betrieb (Remix) (3:55)
7 Fennesz - Menthol (3:51)
8 Fennesz - Surf (5:36)
9 Fennesz - Stairs (1:28)
10 Fennesz - Ivend00 (1:30)
11 Fennesz - Namewithnohorse (Version) (2:02)
12 Fennesz - Odessa (Version) (1:28)
13 Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers - Codeine (Remix) (5:17)


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