Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dykehouse - Dynamic Obsolescence

Label: Planet Mu
Released: 2001
Style: IDM, Drum n Bass, Electro

"From long-time composer Mike Dykehouse, comes this unexpected collection of unbelievably good music that has been gathering dust in his home from as early as 1996. This is quite a catch, I told to myself when I purchased this record (or rather ran to the cashier after hearing 2 tracks and running home so that I could listen to it). Like most people, I didn't know anything about Dykehouse except that he was on Planet Mu. I have to say that this is one of the few really satisfying electronic records I have owned to this day. The range of sounds and production is incredible, with nods to electro-pop and IDM, and also reminds you of electroclash productions getting released these days, but never really settles down to a particular style, which is just great. Compiled by Mike Paradinas (Planet Mu's own µ-Ziq), who really deserves credit for assembling such a landmark electronic album, it spans the work of Mike Dykehouse from 1996 to 2001 and this is probably what makes it so good, because of the amount of good, brilliant material from which it was selected. Seriously, this record will be a precious one for everyone who will own it. The question is now, will we see more Dykehouse in the future? I surely hope so." - Discotoaster


1 Yorkshire Acid Burn (3:26)
2 Cheesy Haiku Model (4:02)
3 Shelf Life (2:31)
4 Humid Easel Hockey (2:45)
5 The Patina Of Accumulation (2:43)
6 Kalamazoo (5:04)
7 Record Store Track (5:03)
8 Gursym (2:17)
9 Cargo Cult (4:01)
10 Lost Copy (3:01)
11 Chapel Hillectro (2:18)
12 Dairy Bird (3:24)
13 Quick Migraine Fixture (1:15)
14 Ypsitucky (3:33)
15 Fluffernutter (2:47)
16 Tauq 2 (5:11)
17 Elk Rapids (2:20)
18 Ultra Taboo (3:15)
19 Last Track (3:26)


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