Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk

Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records
Released: 1999
Style: Electro

"Another album from the amazing mind of Heinrich Mueller aka Gerald Donald of Drexciya / Der Zyklus / Arpanet / Japanese Telecom fame. Originally released on DJ Hell's Gigolo label and apparently only licensed after Gerald crashed Hell's BMW and had to come up with a means of paying him back. All tracks first appeared on the very obscure Dataphysix imprint from Detroit, with some releases only reaching the 500 copy mark. Now brought back to life for 2007, this could be one of the best Electro albums ever made. Yes that's right I said it... THE BEST EVER. This is almost as important for a complete techno generation as Kraftwerk’s Computerworld and Autobahn was for many in the 80's. The tracks are all pretty simple, made up of only two or three analogue instruments each, but they seem to hold these timeless melodies that you can never tire of. Other moments are eerie, menacing and downright strange, but still pure genius. You know how a lot of the time when you buy a new record it becomes your favourite for a while, and then it starts to lose a little life… (Of course it's still good, but just not as fresh as the first couple of weeks when you listened to it on repeat). Well guess what? That doesn't happen with this record. I must have listened to some of the tracks on here over 1000 times and they still send shivers up my spine. One of those special albums that just doesn't seem to age (think Black Dog - Bytes, or The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe). It simply doesn't get better than this...."- Boomkat


1 Cellular Phone (4:37)
2 Technic 1200 (4:31)
3 Scientist (4:13)
4 Rocket Scientist (3:21)
5 Master Organism (3:06)
6 Satellites (2:49)
7 Plastiphilia (1:02)
8 Plastiphilia 2 (2:14)
9 Voice Activated (4:07)
10 Speak & Spell (4:27)
11 Denki No Zuno (2:51)
12 Radiometer (4:20)
13 Pornoactress (2:24)
14 Infophysix (3:52)
15 Pornoviewer (2:30)
16 Sterilization (2:30)
17 Gesamtkunstwerk (6:07)


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