Sunday, March 2, 2008

Skream - Skreamizm Vol. 2

Label: Tempa
Released: 2006
Style: Dubstep

"It kind of goes without saying, but Skream really can lay a serious claim to the pure Dubstep crown - taking as he does the gut-shuddering bass that underlies the genre, then giving it a 20/20 top-spin of shrapnel melody which makes it as catchy as it is devastating. Following the massive success of 'Skreamizm', the second volume is just as addictive and full of tunes that will be recognisable to the dubstep heads thanks to their hammering from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs as well as being included on all the pirate shows and mixtapes that count. With a tracklisting that boasts 'Blipstream', 'Welcome 2 The Future', '0800', 'Deep Concentration', 'Morning Blues' and 'Dub Period', 'Skreamizm 2' is packed to burst with all the prime-cuts that people have been clamoring for, and acts as a proper teaser for the forthcoming debut LP. With highlights coming thick and fast, the lad Skream really does make something very complex sounds astonishingly simple; a feat that marks this out as yet another step in a formidable rise. I skream!" - Boomkat


1 Blipstream (3:44)
2 Welcome 2 The Future (4:30)
3 0800 Dub (4:27)
4 Deep Concentration (5:17)
5 Morning Blues (4:26)
6 Dub Period (6:44)


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