Saturday, March 1, 2008

Astrobotnia - Part 01

Label: Rephlex
Released: 2002
Style: Breakbeat, IDM, Ambient

"Who exactly is Astrobotnia? Described in the press release as a ‘Mystery Rephlex Artist’, it seems almost inconceiveable that anybody but Richard D James could be behind this staggeringly well-produced material. OK, so that’s precisely what we’re meant to think, right? But, alas, you really would have to conclude that no one but the Twin is capable of production at this level. Take ‘Everyone’, for example, percussive treatments lifted straight off Icct Hedral, sped up funky drummerisms stretched into Drukqs-flavoured breakbeat mentalisms, all the while accompanied by pure Aphex strings and harmonies. Or ‘Miss June’s’ stripped crisp tweaks and slight harmonic adjustments that ever so slightly Jar, all thrusted so unbeleivably effortlessly into perfection. As if to confuse or affirm your suspicions even further, the closing ‘Applause’ even sounds as if it employs the same Prepared Piano that sprinkled Drukqs with it’s Satie-esque charm late last year. To conclude, this really has to be the Twin, and if it ain’t.....erm....Rephlex have just landed themselves the debut electronic material of the decade. Essential." - Boomkat


1 Lightworks (3:33)
2 Hallo (4:07)
3 Everyone (3:50)
4 Acidophilus (4:37)
5 Untitled (4:02)
6 The Wing Thing (3:11)
7 Miss June (4:38)
8 Sweden (4:27)
9 Applause (3:20)


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