Saturday, March 1, 2008

Astrobotnia - Part 02

Label: Rephlex
Released: 2002
Style: Breakbeat, IDM

"Astrobotnia 2 is a set of six untitled songs that follow the celebrated hype of the Astrobotnia series. Unlike Astrobotnia 1's ambient-oriented electronica, part 2 is an agressive world of electronic beats, where breakbeats dominate every song. Nowhere had the term "braindance" been so clearly established as it is on these six tracks, which bring new sounds and interesting beats through their every second of progression. The songs are a mind boggling world of fun, with electronic beats going all over the place and a sinister feeling abounding the entire EP. In "A3," electronic beats begin the song for the usual mind boggling as disturbing human blowing sounds develop and synthesizer harmonies begin to create an entirely different song, and all different sounds break down into one big fest for the mind to dance along to. In "B1," we hear the familiar "Whoo, Yeah!" electronic sounds that disguise the dark ambient oriented background of the song, as beats envelop the entire masterpiece, and the song goes through an insane amount of styles. In "B2," strange voices are heard throughout the entire song as they speak in a strange language (reminiscent of spanish, but most likely made up) as jungle beats abound throughout the track, in a more slowed down tempo than your typical jungle song. Hectic yet slower than usual. The EP ends with a more agressive track that has its breakbeats heights and lows as atmospheric sounds bring upon reflection. The entire album is a clear masterpiece and one of the most amazing electronic breakthroughs heard in recent years, blending in typical electronic styles with mind boggling sensations, atmospheric sounds, a sinister mood and layers upon layers of different sounds to hear and experience. Go pick it up now." - Kludge


1 Untitled (4:59)
2 Untitled (3:49)
3 Untitled (4:36)
4 Untitled (4:36)
5 Untitled (4:58)
6 Untitled (4:55)


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