Friday, March 21, 2008

Gas - Pop

Label: Mille Plateaux
Released: 2000
Style: Modern Classical, Techno, Ambient

"Köln kingpin Wolfgang Voigt often waxes tyrannical about the sanctity of techno's four-on-the-floor heartbeat. In his Gas guise, though, Voigt is gradually coming to value beatless bliss. His atmospheric Gas-werks are as in thrall to the almighty kick drum as all productions bearing the redoubtable Voigt's nom de jour. But over four albums (and a vinyl-only mini-LP), Voigt has been refining the Gas concept to the point of perfection. Practice indeed has its virtues. Voigt craftily weaves string and woodwind samples that he has skimmed from obscure classical recordings into bolts of melodic mesh. Where these folds once fell freely over beds of uncompromised beats, Pop hangs them as from a lofty bough to billow in the breeze. As this shimmering material twists and tangles, shadows collect among the creases. Voigt introduces the knotlike texture of the familiar 4/4, and the intrusion of rhythm is for once absolutely justified. While uplifting and ravishingly melodic, Pop is certainly not pop. Nor is it ambient music in the strictest, Brian Eno-sired sense of the word--Voigt's still reluctant to give up those ghost drums. For now, Gas is like no other music on Earth or off it." - Amazon


1 Untitled (5:13)
2 Untitled (8:38)
3 Untitled (7:27)
4 Untitled (9:31)
5 Untitled (10:52)
6 Untitled (9:24)
7 Untitled (14:37)


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