Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fennesz - Transition

Label: Touch
Released: 2008
Style: Experimental, Abstract, Ambient, Glitch

"For the first time since the original issue of his sublime 'Plays' EP, Christian Fennesz returns to the 7" format. You may recognize one of the sides on this release from the digital exclusive from the end of last year - it's an ocean current of superior, shimmering digital drones and frankly, it sounds awesome on vinyl. Since we've already spent our two cents on that track, let's get stuck into the other side: the guitar is far more pronounced here, nestled within an electrically charged breeze of fizzing sonic particles and debris. It's a recipe that's been copied extensively ever since 'Endless Summer' became big news, but what keeps Fennesz head and shoulders above the copyists is his complex, nuanced production, particularly when it comes to capturing his guitar. There really isn't any other electronic artist who seems capable of properly recording the instrument and harnessing the full richness of its timbres. This seven-inch exudes all that warmth and depth of personality, and is every bit the equal of the Chris Watson release that kicked off Touch's singles club... Utterly lovely."


1 On A Desolate Shore (5:14)
2 A Shadow Passes By (3:21)


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